Custom Solutions

At Tryten we thrive on collaboration with our clients, knowing that their understanding of real world environments combined with our years of experience in designing and manufacturing security products result in a powerful combination.

In June of 2010 Apple introduced a complete redesign of their Mac Mini computer. The product launched with great acceptance in the marketplace. Within a week of the launch Tryten received a call from a large east coast school board. They had purchased a large quantity of Mac Minis only to realize that the new design did not incorporate any option for security. Our client asked if Tryten would create a custom solution, and we reassured them that “custom is who we are”. Within a few weeks of making contact, the school board had installed each Mac Mini, complete with a security mount built to their specific requirements.

In 2011 Apple required a solution to secure Mac Mini servers from theft, tampering and USB access. Tryten worked with them to develop a solution that is now used in Apple stores worldwide. In the end, the cost of the custom solution was no more than they would have paid for one of our off-the-shelf products.

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