Screw On Cable Lock Anchor

The Tryten Desk Anchor is the perfect compliment to our Computer Cable Locks, and provides a secure anchoring point when the user environment does not contain a suitable object to loop a Security Cable around.

SKU: 497740-1

Interested in the Screw On Cable Lock Anchor?

Convenient & Secure

This convenient and tamper resistant Desk Anchor attaches to any wood surface with two galvanized wood screws. Once fastened with screws, the hinged cover securely conceals the screws. If mounting with screws is not an option, refer to the adhesive mounted Adhesive Cable Lock Anchor.


  1. Screw the Steel Desk Anchor to a table or work surface.
  2. Place the hinged faceplate over the screw.
  3. Feed the Tryten Cable Lock through the Anchor and secure with a lock.